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Sequenza VI (author's note)

Sequenza VI
for viola (1967)

Sequenza VI for viola, written for a modern soloist in the widest and most responsible sense of the term, is a piece of great virtuosity (a very indirect homage to Paganini’s Capricci) where the same basic harmonic sequence is continuously repeated, developed and transformed. It is a formal study on repetition, on the relationship between often repeated modules and modules appearing only once.
In later years Sequenza VI has also become a mould for other works such as Chemins II (for viola and nine instruments) and Chemins III (for viola and orchestra), both of which, while keeping intact the solo part, further expand the relevant harmonic characters and articulations of the original piece. Sequenza VI may thus be regarded as the central element of a triple-faced idea.
Sequenza VI was written in 1967 for Walter Trampler.

Luciano Berio

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