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Umberto Eco and Luciano Berio

Umberto Eco has left us. Under media spotlights by now dimmed, the Centro Studi Luciano Berio wishes to remember this great protagonist of international culture by recalling the principal stages of the long personal and professional journey that tied him to Luciano Berio.
The friendship between Umberto Eco and Luciano Berio began at the outset of the 1950s, when both worked for the Milanese headquarters of RAI on the Corso Sempione. The years immediately preceding and succeeding the foundation of the Studio di Fonologia were, on the creative and personal levels, significant for both: indeed it was to Berio, and to the research conducted in those years in the environment of the Milanese electronic studio, that Eco owed his acquaintance with the Cours de linguistique générale by Saussure and with Principes de phonologie by Troubetzkoy, volumes «borrowed from the Studio di Fonologia, and which naturally I [Eco] have never returned through right of conquest.» It was again in the milieu of the electronic studio that ever new commonalities of life and work were established, ones that extended also to Roberto Leydi and Cathy Berberian.

The concerts featuring Luciano Berio’s music continue during the Spring 2016. Here follows a selection of the most outstanding events from March to June (for a complete list, see the Concert calendar).
On March 13 Sinfonia is performed by Synergy Vocals and London Symphony Orchestra conducted by François-Xavier Roth (Barbican Hall, London). On March 18 the Latvian Radio Choir will perform A-Ronne (Music House “Daile”, Riga). On March 20 and 22 two concerts are scheduled in London with the Nash Ensemble: on 20th, the Sequenzas I, II, IV and VII will be performed at the Italian Cultural Institute; on 22th the concert will take place at the Wigmore Hall, featuring Sequenza VIII and Naturale. On April 15 Simon Krečič will conduct the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra in Rendering (Philharmonic, Marjan Kozina Hall, Ljubljana).

"... in one way or another, I always carry him within myself."


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