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"Traversata": Luciano Berio Festival | Radicondoli 24-26 May 2024


The third edition of the Luciano Berio Festival, organized by the Centro Studi Luciano Berio with the patronage and contribution of the Municipality of Radicondoli, will be held in Radicondoli (province of Siena) from May 24 to the 26.
The key word of this year's Festival, Traversata (crossing), is the title of one of the most intense theoretical texts of Berio's maturity. Interpreted in different metaphorical and concrete terms, it has been taken as a symbol of the passage toward 2025, the centenary of the Berio's birth.
The Festival will feature various performances, public events, an exhibition, seminars, and readings-concerts in different venues within and outside the Tuscan village.
The Traversata is part of an international project dedicated to Berio's Sequenze that was launched in 2023 by the Centro Studi Luciano Berio in partnership with the Amici della Musica of Florence in a series of workshops in Radicondoli, Darmstadt and Cagliari. The 2024 Festival will follow suit with three exceptional musicians: the internationally acclaimed guitarist Eliot Fisk and accordionist Teodoro Anzellotti - dedicatees of Berio’s Sequenza XI and Sequenza XIII, and violinist Francesco D'Orazio, an outstanding interpreter of Sequenza VIII. They will be joined in the Festival's opening event (in the village’s main piazza) by the Filarmonica Rossini of Florence, conducted by Giampaolo Lazzeri.

For the complete program of the Festival, click here.

The Luciano Berio Festival 2024 will host seminars dedicated to the genesis of the Sequenze and to Berio's audiovisual production. These will be carried out in collaboration with the doctoral school of the Tuscan Universities of Florence (Mila De Santis) and Pisa (Alessandro Cecchi), and with the Ca' Foscari University of Venice (Vincenzina Ottomano).
A photographic exhibition by Oded Shimshon will be hosted at Palazzo Bizzarrini, with works shot in the Radicondoli area and conceived as part of a larger project named Lense and Construction.
An outdoor soundwalk, conceived and realized by Tempo Reale of Florence, will mark the closing of this year's events.


May 24, 2024

17h30 Palazzo Bizzarrini, Sala mostre
Official opening of the Festival
Opening of the exhibition:
Lens and Construction: Il Colombaio by Oded Shimshon
Soundtrack (from music by Luciano Berio) edited by Yoni Berio
(open until July 1, 2024)

18h30 Via Tiberio Gazzei, Piazza Giacomo Matteotti
Echoes, Dialogues and Chansons...
Music from the Western and popular traditions
"Rossini" Philharmonic Band of Florence, conducted by Giampaolo Lazzeri
Teodoro Anzellotti, accordion

May 25, 2024

10h - 12h30 Palazzo Lolini
Gesture and performance technique: around "Sequenza XI" for guitar
Seminar open to the public with Eliot Fisk

14h -16h30 Teatro dei Risorti
Gesture and performative technique: around "Sequenza XIII" for accordion
Concert seminar with Teodoro Anzellotti

(The two seminars will feature exchange between the performers and Angela Ida De Benedictis on the historical and documentary context of the works)

18h30 Podere Tesoro, Strada di Tesoro
Sequences of sequenze: from Bach to Berio
Concert with narrative interventions

Teodoro Anzellotti, accordion
Francesco D'Orazio, violin
Eliot Fisk, guitar
Presentation by the Centro Studi Luciano Berio

Free admission until completion (reservations required).
At the end of the concert aperitif refreshments will be served to the audience and guests

May 26, 2024

9h30 – 11h30 Church of the Monastery of Santa Caterina della Rota, via Tiberio Gazzei
Gesture and performance technique: around and beyond "Sequenza VIII" for violin
Concert seminar with Francesco D'Orazio
With the participation of Francesco Riccardi (violin)
Exchange with Vincenzina C. Ottomano on the historical-documentary context

9h30 – 11h30 Sala conferenze, Palazzo Bizzarrini
Berio and audiovisual experimentation
Seminar curated by Alessandro Cecchi and Mila De Santis, with the participation of doctoral students in History of the Arts and the Performing Arts (Universities of Florence, Pisa and Siena)

12h – 13h meeting place: Piazza Matteotti
Soundwalk in the places of Luciano Berio
Soundwalk led by Francesco Giomi (Tempo Reale)

"Traversata": Luciano Berio Festival 2024
Concept and artistic supervision: Angela Ida De Benedictis
Production direction: Luisa Santacesaria, Claudia Vincis, Radicondoli Arte

For information: festival@lucianoberio.org

For reservations: turismo@radicondolinet.it