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Due pezzi (author's note)

Due pezzi
for violin and piano (1951; 1968)

Quasi allegro, alla marcia

One of the most important encounters I had in the post-war years was Luigi Dallapiccola, who, perhaps more than anyone else, deliberately and unremittingly forged relationships with European musical culture.
As often happens to me with important encounters, I reacted to Dallapiccola with four works: Due pezzi, Cinque variazioni for piano, Chamber Music for female voice, clarinet, harp and cello, and Variazioni for chamber orchestra. With these pieces I entered into Dallapiccola’s “melodic” world, but they also allowed me to escape from it.
Composed in 1951 and revised in 1968, Due pezzi for violin and piano were premiered in 1952 in Tanglewood by Lorin Maazel and Seymour Lipkin.

Luciano Berio

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