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Publication of the television series C'è musica & musica


Una polifonia di suoni e di immagini
As from June 19 2013 the boxed set containing the historic television series C’è musica & musica, devised in 1972 by Luciano Berio for the RAI, with Vittoria Ottolenghi as curator and Gianfranco Mingozzi as producer, will finally be on sale in bookshops. Published in Feltrinelli’s Real Cinema series, in collaboration with Rai-Trade and the Centro Studi Luciano Berio, the boxed set (curated by Angela Ida De Benedictis) contains the whole series – 12 programmes in colour – plus a volume with contributions from Umberto Eco, Michele dall’Ongaro, Ulrich Mosch, texts by Luciano Berio dating back to the period of the broadcasts, the transcription of all the programmes effected by Federica Di Gasbarro and a selection of documents. The publication is presented on September 13 2013 in Imperia by Mila De Santis, and at the MiTo Festival on September 16 in Milan by Umberto Eco, Michele dall'Ongaro, Talia Pecker Berio and others (for information on this event click here).

The box can also be ordered on line.
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Luciano Berio, C'è musica & musica, box with volume (Una polifonia di suoni e immagini) and 2 DVDs, edited by A.I. De Benedictis, Feltrinelli, Milano 2013 (Real Cinema)