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Sequenza XI (author's note)

Sequenza XI
for guitar (1987-1988)

With Sequenza XI for guitar I was interested in developing a dialogue between the very idiomatic harmony of the instrument, strongly conditioned by its tuning, and another, more extended and non-idiomatic harmonic dimension (the passport for moving between these two distant territories is the interval of an augmented fourth). In Sequenza XI two instrumental idioms are also present: one has its roots in the Flamenco tradition, the other in classical guitar (the bridge between these two “histories” has been my own desire to experiment with an instrument I love). The dialogue between the two harmonic dimensions on one hand and the two instrumental idioms on the other, takes place through a continuous exchange and transformation of specific characters and clearly recognizable figures.
Sequenza XI was written in 1987-1988 for Eliot Fisk.

Luciano Berio