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Chemins V

Chemins V
(su Sequenza XI)

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Year of composition: 
Year composition ended: 
Scored for: 
guitar and chamber orchestra

Based on Sequenza XI

Instrumentation: 3 0 2 1 – 1 2 1 0 – mar, 2 hp, acc, t.sax, 12 vln, 8 vla, 4 vc, 3 cb
Instrumentation details: 1st flute; 2nd flute; 3rd flute; clarinet in Bb; bass clarinet in Bb; tenor saxophone in Bb; bassoon; horn in F; 1st trumpet in C; 2nd trumpet in C; trombone; 1st harp; 2nd harp; marimba; accordion; violin(12); viola(8); violoncello(4); contrabass(3).

First performance: 
23/09/1992, Bonn. Eliot Fisk, Orchester der Beethovenhalle, Luciano Berio
Universal Edition
Edition number: 
Program notes: 

Auhtor's note: Italian

Author's note: English