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Chemins IIc

Chemins IIc

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Year of composition: 
Year composition ended: 
Scored for: 
bass clarinet and orchestra

Instrumentation: 2 1 2 2 – 2 3 2 1 – 3 perc, pno, e.org, alto sax, t.sax, e.guit, 1 vln, 6 vla, 6 vc, 3 cb
Instrumentation details: 1st flute; 2nd flute (+picc); oboe; 1st clarinet in Bb; 2nd clarinet in Bb; alto saxophone in Eb; tenor saxophone in Bb; bassoon; contrabassoon; 1st horn in F; 2nd horn in F; 1st trumpet in C; 2nd trumpet in C; 3rd trumpet in C; 1st trombone; 2nd trombone; tuba; 1st percussion; 2nd percussion; 3rd percussion; piano; electric organ; electric guitar; violin(1); viola(6); violoncello(4); contrabass(3).

Remarks: The bass clarinet solo is ad lib. - without it, the work is Chemins IIb .

First performance: 
1972, Rotterdam. Harry Sparnaay, Luciano Berio
Universal Edition
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Program notes: 

Author's note: Italian

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