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Publication of the television series C’è musica e musica


A boxed set featuring the televison series C’è musica e musica made for the RAI in 1972 by Luciano Berio, with Vittoria Ottolenghi as curator and Gianfranco Mingozzi as producer, is currently in preparation with Feltrinelli publishers. Issued in the Real Cinema series, in collaboration with Rai-Trade and the Centro Studi Luciano Berio, the box makes the entire series available – comprising 12 instalments in color – together with a volume featuring contributions by Umberto Eco, Michele dall’Ongaro and Ulrich Mosch, writings by Luciano Berio when the series was in the making, a transcription of all the installments made by Federica Di Gasbarro, and a documentary section. The box set will be on sale from June 19, 2013.