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"Luciano Berio. New Perspectives": publication and presentations


The volume Luciano Berio. New Perspectives has been published by Leo S. Olschki (Florence). The book, edited by Angela Ida De Benedictis, contains the proceedings of the International Conference held in Siena from 28 to 31 October 2008 at the Accademia Musicale Chigiana. The introductory addresses by Umberto Eco, Giorgio Pestelli, Jean-Jacques Nattiez and Edoardo Sanguineti are followed by two further sections: the substantial «Studies and contributions», devoted to specific topics concerning Berio’s output, and «Closing reflections» (for the general outline of the book, see the pdf in attachment). The papers, written in Italian or in English, feature new methodologies and interpretative perspectives; they prompt reflection on specific philological, analytical and aesthetic issues and also on the very concept of “music” that characterised one of the foremost protagonists of the twentieth century.
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Two presentations of the book were scheduled in September: 1) September 11 at 11 a.m. (Sede degli Amici del Loggione del Teatro alla Scala), in the frame of the MiTo Festival, with the participation of Angela Ida De Benedictis, Talia Pecker Berio, Giorgio Pestelli, Veniero Rizzardi and Enzo Restagno; 2) September 29 (10 a.m.), Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice, with the participation of Gianmario Borio, Mario Messinis and Paolo Pinamonti (this meeting followed the study day dedicated to Un re in ascolto on September 28.

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